National Grid
Renewable Energy Energy Choice You can choose who supplies the energy we deliver to your house. We encourage you to consider all available energy supply options and determine which one will best meet your needs.

Regardless of your chosen supplier, we will continue to deliver reliable energy, respond to service and emergency needs and provide storm restoration services.

Choosing Your Supplier
It's quick and easy to take control of your energy costs by choosing an energy supplier.
How to Choose Energy Supplier List
The Department of Public Utilities requires that we provide energy suppliers with our customer list, but you may opt-out of the supplier list

For more details, review Frequently Asked Questions: Choosing Your Supplier

Renewable Energy
GreenUp is a program that allows you to choose to have all or part of your electricity generated from renewable resources–while keeping us as your electricity supplier. To be eligible, National Grid must be your electricity supplier and your account must be current.
Get Started with GreenUp  

Learn more about the GreenUp program in our FAQs

Electric Aggregations Is your municipality participating in an electric aggregation? FAQ's

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